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Team Chat to Get Stuff Done.

Instant collaboration and getting things done features connected into a one fine Pack.

Built from an idea to the ready application in few weeks, following our step-by-step R&D process. Available to web, desktop and mobile.



Lifetramp is an AirBnB like platform for lifestyles and careers.

If you ever dreamed of doing something different in life, now you can give it a fair try. Lifetramping community is built by open minded people who give you a possibility “to walk a mile in their shoes”.



When a real life is just not enough to express your thoughts, step inside the Virtual Reality. Let us help you create and explore a new world with an entirely new way.

It works!


countries with mentors 6 months from launch


lights controlled by the initial prototype


of time saved on every new webshop setup



  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Back Office Software
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Quick Pilots
  • Numbers-Driven Development


  • App Code Reviews
  • Systems Optimisation Reviews
  • Company IT Architectures
  • IT Management Trainings
  • Project Kickstart Preparations
  • Innovative Approach

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